Join us in transforming outpatient specialty care.

CareChain, our AI-enabled practice management platform, empowers physiotherapists to deliver specialty assessment and triage services for conditions commonly referred to spine specialists and orthopedic surgeons. With CareChain, physiotherapists in private and public practice can now be leveraged to eliminate specialist wait-lists. The platform facilitates transitions of care to paramedical services in the community and/or specialty services in the health system.

CareChain promotes optimal utilization of health system resources. Join us in transforming outpatient specialty care!

Leverage physiotherapists to eliminate specialist wait-times and improve health system performance.

Shorter wait times

By triaging specialist wait-lists, physiotherapists can dramatically decrease wait times for all patients.

Better outcomes

Patients show improvements in clinical outcomes when receiving timely and appropriate care.

Increased satisfaction

Less waiting means less uncertainty for patients resulting in higher patient satisfaction.

Cost savings

Appropriate utilization of healthcare resources (e.g., DI, labs and specialists) leads to cost savings.


CareChain overcomes barriers to scaling physiotherapist specialty assessment and triage services by integrating 3 disruptive technologies.

Knowledge barriers

Physiotherapists require years of training to assess and triage patients as well as specialists.

Artificial Intelligence

CareChain's Artificial Intelligence (AI) modules support physiotherapists to effectively assess and triage patients with minimal training.

Workflow barriers

Physiotherapists work in silos that prevent referral and data sharing with specialists and community providers.

Provider network

CareChain employs a robust privacy and security framework that enables referrals and sharing of patient records between networked providers.