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We are seeking acupuncturists committed to improving specialist wait times and patient care to join CareChain, our AI-enabled practice management platform.

CareChain empowers health care providers to receive and fulfill requests for health care services and initiate patient referrals within trusted multi-disciplinary care provider networks.

Join us in transforming outpatient specialty care!

Increase patient referral volume to your clinical practice

Improve patient care while saving time and money for your practice

Create and join health care provider referral networks


We are expanding CareChain to better serve patients in the province of Quebec, in particular the regions of Montreal, Quebec City, Laval and Gatineau.

To offer treatment services using CareChain, acupuncturist must satisfy the following requirements:

  • Licensed to practice acupuncture in the province of Quebec.
  • Work out of a clinic that satisfies the high standards of CareChain.
  • No history of disciplinary action by your regulatory college.

CareChain is a turnkey practice management solution.

With CareChain, you will be able to complete documentation using the platform’s smart charting and workflow management features and exchange relevant patient information with other health care providers (through CareChain’s automated referrals and consult notes). CareChain’s features are designed to save you time and money running your clinical practice so that you can focus on patient care – features include:

+ Bilingual (En/Fr) user dashboards (provider/patient)
+ Online appointment booking
+ Custom branding
+ Multi-clinic schedules
+ Email/SMS notifications
+ Intake and follow-up questionnaires
+ Smart charting and workflow management
+ Patient care plans
+ Automated referrals and consult notes (electronic and fax)
+ Two-factor authentication
+ Virtual practice groups
+ Integrated virtual care
+ Payment processing
+ Appointment scheduling support*
+ Tier 1 technical support (provider/patient)
and much more!

*Users maintain appointment availabilities in CareChain, and we will coordinate patient appointment scheduling (including cancellations and rescheduling) with respect to your availability.

Access to CareChain is free with registration!

CareChain is supported by applying a service fee on each completed health care service using CareChain. CareChain fees vary by service and are calculated as a percentage of the fee paid by the patient (or another payor).

Specific information about CareChain fees is available through your account. You may determine which health care services, if any, are provided using CareChain. You will be informed of CareChain fees before deciding to offer a health care service.

As an independent health care provider using CareChain, you determine which health care services are provided using CareChain, the locations from which such health care services are provided, and when and for how long such health care services are offered through CareChain. You have complete discretion to engage in activities or other business or employment endeavors.

Acupuncturists will receive patient appointment bookings through